Our state child welfare staff have an important and often thankless job of caring for some of the most vulnerable children in our community.


As the church, what if we “adopted” our local child welfare office by supporting them, and by extension, our foster families and kids?

Here are some ways to support your local DCYF office (Department of Children, Youth & Families):


1. Volunteering with Office Moms & Dads

On-call volunteer opportunity to comfort and entertain kids when they are awaiting foster home placement in your local DCYF office. You can find your local volunteer coordinator HERE


2. Donating to your local office Care Closet

Each office has a Care Closet full of necessities for when kids first come into care, often with nothing (i.e. clothing, pg.’s, duffle bag, Care box/ toiletries, comfort item). Please email Maia Anderson to learn of the needs in your local office.



3. Encourage your local child welfare office staff

Show your (often unappreciated) local DCYF staff some encouragement by hosting an appreciation event.  Here  is a free “How to Host an Appreciation Event ” resource, or email Maia Anderson to see when you might collaborate on an event with other churches/ volunteers.