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Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Meet Zack Dunckely. He is the lead pastor at The Mission Church in Renton and is also a foster/adoptive parent. Even though The Mission Church is on the smaller size, Zack and his team have built a strong ministry and culture of foster care and now have over 10 families involved in foster parenting. Zack’s passion for serving vulnerable children and families comes from his vision to live out the gospel through foster care and adoption. Zack shares the vision regularly with his congregation and has empowered a strong team to support foster families.

Zack has volunteered to support the Foster Support Faith Alliance by making himself available to share his vision and experience with other pastors in our region. Sometimes it takes a pastor, especially a lead pastor, to share the vision and strategy for serving vulnerable children and families with another pastor. He has even offered to buy lunch or coffee for any pastor who is interested in know more about foster care ministry. So if you know a pastor who has questions or concerns or simple steps to take please reach out to Zack and make the connection by emailing him at

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