So Easy, A Kid Could Do It.

by Charissa Ytreeide of Imprint Church

Every year the 3rd -5th graders at Imprint Church look forward to our summer Kids Camp. After missing last year due to the pandemic, this year’s camp was highly anticipated. As our Kids Team Leads started planning and talking about themes, we kept coming back to how much fear and anxiety is present in the lives of all the kids around us. We knew that God was leading us to teach the kids about being fearless because of Him.

We decided on 2 Timothy 1:7 as our camp verse so that the kids would learn how God gave us the Holy Spirit to help us live with power, love, and self-control. We planned lots of games and activities that would challenge the kids to be fearless.

One of those was a service project that went along with the Fearless theme but in a way that would allow the kids at camp to share the love of God with other kids who couldn’t attend the camp. We decided to make care kits for kids in our local Foster Care system. We reached out to Olive Crest to see if this was something that could be used. And we were blown away with how great the need was to help kids in scary situations.

After getting a list of ideas for the care kits from a foster mom we were ready to help our kids act out what they had learned at camp.

Each camp kid packed a duffel bag with:

- a blanket to help kids feel wrapped in God’s love

- a stuffed animal to cuddle with so they wouldn’t feel so alone

- a booklight and flashlight to shine through the darkness

- a water bottle for those nighttime thristies

- a bag of kid approved snacks for the nighttime snack attack

Probably the most special thing was a short note that each camp kid wrote to encourage and love a kid that they have never met.

Our hope is that this small act of service would not only make a big impact for foster kids but also be the start of a generosity mindset for the kids of Imprint Church. We look forward to keeping Olive Crest stocked with these bags so each kid who is in a new and scary situation can feel the love of God through another kid.

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